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A Sunny Forecast for Miami’s Commercial and Multi-Family Residential Markets in 2015

Sunny days are indeed here again as Miami’s march toward becoming one of the world’s great international destinations proceeds unabated. Both Miami's Commercial and Multi-Family Residential Markets benefit profoundly from the tens of thousands of people who visit here – and invest here - from countries...

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09 March
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Why Miami Real Estate Works

  Miami is an enigma to most of the rest of America. I know, because I’m a native “Anglo” and nobody in America (the rest of America) understands my world! It is a conglomeration of many different cultures, languages and interests in a community with beautiful beaches, great national...

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23 April
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The Future of Brickell Avenue in Miami

  What happened to the lazy, stately and peaceful Brickell Avenue we once knew? In 1974, I remember standing in my father’s office in our new 11 story 1000 Brickell Building development, which towered over everything else on Brickell Avenue in Miami, hearing my father’s explosion of...

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01 April